The Brand
ASPCA is a national non-profit animal welfare organization
They have a mission to ensure all animals receive kind and respectful treatment at the hands of humans.

The Issue
The South gives generously, but not to help animal welfare
Animal abuse and neglect is widespread in the South, but few people have taken a stance on the issue. Southerners donate the largest percentage of their income to non-profits, but ASPCA has had little impact in this region of the country.

The People
SEC Football Fans
Along with their faith, a Southerner’s passion for SEC football is a central part of their identity and way of life. Love of SEC Football crosses all ethnic, religious, and socioeconomic borders. Football isn’t just about winning, it’s about community.


The Creative Challenge
Leverage the institution of SEC Football to convert superfans into champions of the ASPCA.

The Insight
SEC Football is the common thread that unites an otherwise divided Southern community.

The Big Idea
SEC – the most compassionate conference in College Football.
The South isn’t a big player on the national stage, and when they are it’s usually for something negative. ASPCA can give SEC fans bragging rights beyond football by becoming the leading conference in something that truly matters – compassion.


National Pet Signing Day
This is a yearly event that runs in conjunction with the real NFL draft. SEC colleges will compete to adopt the most ‘prospects’ in the conference. People can tap into their school pride and participate in healthy rivalry againts other schools to help animals across the South find loving homes.

This microsite is a place for fans to discover, compare, and rank their favorite ‘prospects’ from different schools.

These ads are placed around the communities of each school generating buzz and a competitive spirit ahead of the National Signing Day event.

ASPCA uses social media channels to engage fans, hype up the event, and share info on adoption events.

The culmination of this campaign is the National Signing Day event at each SEC school. Here local shelters will bring pets for a big adoption signing day event where fans can come to the school, meet the pets, and try to out-adopt every other school in the SEC